Code Switching Used by Teachers in Teaching English at Senior High School 10 Jambi City

Sahidayanti, Septi (2017) Code Switching Used by Teachers in Teaching English at Senior High School 10 Jambi City. Code Switching Used by Teachers in Teaching English at Senior High School 10 Jambi City. (Unpublished)


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ABSTRACT Sahidayanti,Septi. Code Switching Used by Teachers in Teaching English at Senior High School 10 Jambi City. A thesis. English Study Program. Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Jambi University. The first Supervisor is Drs.Ahmad Ridha,MA. The Second is Dedy Kurniawan, S.S., M.A Keywords: Code, Code Switching The purpose of this research is to describe the types of code switching used by teachers while teach in the classroom and to describe the reasons why teachers used code switching in the process of teaching and learning in the classroom. The participants of this research were the second grade English teacher of SMA 10 Jambi City. The qualitative research with a describe study approach was used. The instruments used by the researcher to collect the data were observation sheets and interview protocol in order to describe the types of code switching and the reasons why teacher used code switching in the process of teaching and learning in the classroom. In this research, the researcher observed directly when the teacher undertook the process of teaching in the class and also interviewed them to complement the information about the types of code switching that the teacher used and the reasons why the teacher used code switching in the process of teaching and learning in the classroom. From this research, the researcher found that each of types code switching exist in the classroom, but Intersentential code switching and tag switching dominated used by the teacher in the classroom. The reasons for teachers using code switching in the classroom found the students easier to understand about the material that has been taught by the teacher. The objective of this study is to found the types of code switching that used by English teachers at SMAN 10 Jambi City and found the reasons why teacher use code switching in the process of teaching and learning. The types of code switching that teacher used in the process of teaching and learning are different and also the reasons why they used code switching in the process teaching and learning are different too. In this research, researcher focused on answer the question research, hence there were three major themes. The first theme was frequency of switching the language from English to Indonesia. Frequency itself means how often teachers in the class do code switching when giving explanations about the material presented by the teacher. Code switching itself would be useful for students who have little difficulty understand the meaning of English language spoken by teachers who teach them. This study shows that, it was important to did the code switching because the code switching would help children to understand the language, especially English which English wasn’t their mother tongue. In the observations and interviews to the participants also found that teachers do code switching when they explain a material related to English when the learning process is in progress. The teacher himself said that the code switching will help the child in understanding the material given and understand the English words themselves so that with good understanding by the students in class then the process of teaching and learning in class will be more fun. But in doing the code switching itself, the teacher provides limits, among others, teachers only do code switching on the important points that exist within the given material. Code switching that has been used by the teacher when doing explanation of the subjects given rare spelled out because the teacher think if it keeps doing code switching then the child will not be independent in understanding the English language itself. According to Seville-Troike (1986:69), Sometimes people want to communicate only to certain people or community they are belong to. To avoid the other community or people interfering their communication, they may try to exclude those people by using the language that not everybody knows. In this case shows that code switching very important to be done to overcome the mistake in communicating because someone didn’t understand what we are talking about The second is the function of code switching in the classroom. According to Alcnaurova (2013), code switching is communicative strategy in bilingual communities where the people are able to speak two languages and they choose a code to transmit their intentions in the best way. Code switching is a phenomenon of language contact that is generally define as the alternate use of two or more languages in conversation. According to Ishayanti (2009), code switching occurs when a bilingual speaker uses more than one language in a single utterance to appropriately convey their intents. Based on definition about code switching above, we knew that code switching important in communication. In the conversation itself each speaker must understand the language to be spoken to other in order to create a good communications between them. In this case the code switching will provide some functions, especially in the learning done by the teacher to the students in the class. First, explanation occurs usually when the teacher wants to repeat what has been previously said in another language in order to help the students understand the teachers who teach in the classroom. Second, code switching help the students in menanggulangi problem during the lesson. Third, code switching occurs when the teacher asks a pupil something in English they cannot understand and the other pupils will help translating the teacher’s question into finish. Code switching from English to Indonesia or vice versa as practiced by English teachers serve three functions that include presenting materials, managing classroom activities, and representing discourse markers. In addition, During the observation took place as well as interviews on the participants also showed the switching code performed by teachers to English subjects that occurred in the learning process is very useful. Teacher said that in used code switching in the class, the students become more understand what the teacher has explained. The third is effect of switching the language to students’ comprehension to target language. The use of code switching certainly gave effect to student's comprehension to their target language. The effects would certainly greatly affect the learning system of each child when the process of learning is in the classroom progress. Some effects that affect the child such as in terms of verbal, children understand the pronunciation and the meaning of the English language delivered by the teacher, children would understand the meaning of the English language has been conveyed through the explanation that has been submitted by the teacher and also enrich their vocabulary.

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