Applications of In Vitro Techniques in Plant Breeding

Zulkarnain, Zul and Tapingkae, Tanya and Taji, Acram Applications of In Vitro Techniques in Plant Breeding. In: Advances in Plant Breeding Strategies: Breeding, Biotechnology and Molecular Tools. Springer, Switzerland, pp. 293-328. ISBN 978-3-319-22520-3

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Although the Green Revolution of the 1960s tripled the world’s food supply, food distribution remains uneven and the problem of chronic under-nutrition for millions of people in the world persists. In the face of predicted increases in the world population to around 10 billion by 2050 and the challenges faced by agriculture as a result of climate change, providing adequate food and fi ber for humanity is a pressing issue requiring urgent attention. Since more and more of the arable land is being used to house the growing world population, provide feed for stock to supply animal protein and to grow crops for bio-energy, how could agriculture keep pace and remain productive without further degradation of the soil or damage to the environment? Could biotechnology be a key to solving world hunger given the challenges of climate change and immense population growth? This chapter examines recent advances in the application of a number of biotechnological techniques used in in vitro plant breeding including embryo rescue, somatic embryogenesis, in vitro pollination, fl owering and fertilization as well as protoplast and somatic hybridization. A special focus has been given to exploitation of somaclonal variation in production of plants with better yield attributes as well as the ability to better cope with biotic and abiotic stresses. These techniques have the potential to increase food supply. The chapter overviews our collective experience working in this fi eld over the past 30 years.

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