Zulkarnain, Zulkarnain and Taji, Acram and Prakash, Nalamilli (2001) SCREENING AUXINS AND CYTOKININS IN STURT'S DESERT PEA (SWAINSONA FORMOSA) ANTHER CULTURE. In: The Fourth International Legume Conference, 2 - 6 Juli 2001, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

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The commercialization of Sturt's Desert Pea as cut flowers is subjected to petal staining by pollen grains which are shed during transportation, and therefore the flowers quality reduces significantly. In addition, during transportation self pollination may take place, resulting in a rapid degeneration of flowers and thus reduction in the vase life of the flowers. Our current work is focussed on the production of male sterile plants via anther culture. Anther contains microspores that are haploid, and plants regenerated from microspores within the anther will also be haploid. Haploid plants are sterile because where there is an odd number of chromosome sets reproductive fertility is usually impaired. This is because during cell division the normal pairing of chromosome can not properly take place since one set of chromosomes will have no homologous set to pair with, and as such gametes fail to form. The first step of this strategy is to investigate plant hormones that are suitable for anther culture of Sturt’s Desert Pea. Present paper reports the effect of various combinations of auxins: IAA (0.57, 5.71, 57.1  and IBA (0.49, 4.93, 49.3  and cytokinins: BA (0.44, 4.44, 44.4 ), kinetin (0.46, 4.63, 46.3 M), 2iP (0.49, 4.93, 49.3 M) and zeatin (0.46, 4.57, 45.7 M) on callus formation in anther. Basal medium used was B5 supplemented with vitamins, 2% sucrose and solidified with 0.8% BiTek agar at pH 5.8  0.2. Cultures were incubated in culture room with cool fluorescent lamps under 16/8 h photoperiod at temperature 25  2oC. The result indicated that although different concentrations of a particular hormone combinations produced significant effect, there was no particular combinations of these hormones that can be suggested as the best one for Sturt’s Desert Pea callus production in anther culture. Therefore, the future recommendations would much rely upon the economical consideration and the availability of the hormones going to be used.

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