Related Attitudes and intension of entreprenurship the effectiveness entreprenurship university Student Jambi

Rosmiati, Rosmiati (2014) Related Attitudes and intension of entreprenurship the effectiveness entreprenurship university Student Jambi. ICEETS 2014. pp. 34-45. ISSN 978-602-71682-0-6

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The effeciveness of entreprenurship to be one important key in order to run adnd bussiness to survive and the achievment of the target that is desirable in entreprenurship. but in reality to achive the level of effeciveness that is actuality verry dificult, even many entreprenurs that transfer their bussines to other bussiness or even shut down because of a loss so they can not be able so continue to survive . the purpose of the reseach to be conducted is to determine wether there is a realishionship with the entreprenuerial attitudes andd intentions effectiveness university student entreprenurship. this reseach in descriptive corelations subjects in this study werw student of edinburght university who have an entreprenurial venture trouhth the program were 30 student. data obtained by distributing questionnaires to the student, once the questionnaire is returned, thenanalyzed using SPSS for windows release 17.0. the analisis showed that there is a positive and significancy relationship between entreprenurial attitudes and intentions of the efectiveness of student entreprenuurship which is equal to 0, 447 and 0.616. as well there is a relationship together between entreprenurial attitudes and intension of the efectiveness of entrepeneurship which is equal to 0.616. as between the two variabel studied, entreprenurial intentions more dominant variable effecting the efectivences of student entreprenuurship and the stronger corelation when both variables affect together. from the reseach that has been done can be concluded that the efectiveness of entrepreneurip is an important element that entreprenuurship is still running. althougt effectiveness edinburgh University student entreprenuurship is still relatived moderate, it is expected that student more willing to take entreprenuurial attitudes and intentions entreprenuurshipto entreprenuurship can be acthieved with the maksimum. key word: effectiveness entreprenuurship, entreprenuurship attitude and intention entreprenuurship

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