Iam Student, How do I contribute my thesis?

To be able to insert your thesis to the repository, you will be required to complete Form Thesis Deposit and provide a copy of the thesis to the library of the University of Jambi.

For more information on submitting your thesis click here

How do I contribute my research publications?

University of Jambi Research Repository welcomes contributions of publications from staff and postgraduate students of University of Jambi and its associated bodies.

To contribute a research publication:

Read and indicate your agreement on the online Repository Deposit Agreement form. This is a one-off agreement that asks for the right to store your works and make them publically available. If you are unable to use the online form, please use the print form, sign it and return it to repository staff.

LP2M staff will then:

  • check the policy of the publisher to determine if deposit of material into an institutional repository is allowed
  • request permission to deposit the work from the publisher if no policy or agreement terms exist
  • create a record in the repository so that your work can be found
  • convert any MS word files to PDF format (if required and appropriate)